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Pinned Article High School Dual Enrollment Application: Updating & Changing Co-Signer

Instructions to assist in updating the Parent and/or the High School Official email address, first name, and last name.
Also included are instructions to re-send email notifications to the parent and/or the High School Official.

Creating Your Account

Watch a short how-to video that will guide you in creating a new account

High School Dual Enrollment Application: Update User Profile Information

Instructions to assist in updating the profile information for your Dynamic Forms account.
The updating options include your User Name, First and Last Name, E-mail Address, Cell Phone Number, and Security Question.

Logging into the Dashboard and Dashboard Navigation: Parents and High School Officials

Parents and High School Officials:
Watch a short how-to video to log into your dashboard and navigate the various views of the dashboard -- submitted applications (Forms History) and applications that require your review and signature (Pending / Draft Forms)

Navigating the Course Selections in the Application

Watch a short how-to video on the navigation of selecting desired courses for High School Dual Credit, Concurrent and Rising Scholar, and Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Full Tuition Rate coursework. If a student has chosen to take more than 10 credit hours of High School Dual Credit coursework, there is guidance on the embedded waiver for exceeding the credit hour threshold for the program which requires additional approvals from both the parent and high school official.

Waiver: Exceeding the HSDC Credit Hour Threshold

Watch a short how-to video that provides guidance on the additional approvals required when a student exceeds the 10 credit hour threshold for High School Dual Credit coursework. The additional approvals are required from the student, parent, and high school official for the waiver that is now embedded into the application.