High School Dual Enrollment Application: Updating & Changing Co-Signer


Log into the appropriate dashboard based on whether you, the student, had taken High School Dual Credit (HSDC) coursework in the past or not. If HSDC coursework has not been previously taken, the student will log into the First-Time Student Dashboard button below. If HSDC coursework has been previously taken, the student will log into the Continuing Student Dashboard button below. 



If you are not automatically directed to the Pending / Draft Forms view on your dashboard, select “My Forms” to expand the options and then select “Pending / Draft Forms”.

My Forms Dashboard View



Once the student identifies the application that the email address needs to be changed for or if they want to send a reminder notification, they will select “Actions” to expand the options and then select “Manage Co-Signers”.

Pending / Draft Forms Dashboard View



In the pop-up window, the student will be able to view the email address for the parent and the HS Official to verify the accurate email was entered in the application; from here the student can select the “Edit Cosigner” option to change the first name, last name, and/or email for either the parent or the HS Official OR the “Re-send Notification” option for the Co-signer that the student wants to send a reminder notification.

Co-Signer Information



The Edit Cosigner Information dialog box will appear, here the student will correct the information necessary or change the person altogether. Once the information is updated or changed, the student will select the “Save and Re-send Notification” button on the bottom right side of the dialog box.

Edit Cosigner Information Dialog Box

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