About the Scholarship

The Dakota Corps Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by private business, non profit corporations and the Governors Office.  It was established to encourage South Dakota's high school graduates to: 

  • Obtain their post secondary education in South Dakota
  • Remain in the state upon completion of their education and 
  • Contribute to the state of South Dakota and its citizens by working in a critical need occupation. 

Scholarship Award

The intent of the program is that the recipients do not pay anything towards tuition and generally applicable fees. The scholarships are in an amount approximately equal to:

  • The maximum tuition and generally-applicable fees for 16 undergraduate credit hours (per fall and spring semester) at an institution of higher education under the control of the South Dakota Board of Regents for recipients attending a public four-year college, or
  • The same amount that is paid for a public four-year college if the student is attending a private nonprofit college. Remaining tuition and generally applicable fees for 16 credits must be covered by the participating nonprofit college through institutional scholarship or tuition waiver.
  • An amount determined on an individual basis for technical college recipients that will never exceed the maximum tuition and generally applicable fees for sixteen (16) undergraduate credit hours per semester for a public college.​ 
  • The maximum tuition and generally-applicable fees for a full-time undergraduate student at a tribal college if the recipient is attending a tribal college.


Not all eligible applicants will be selected for a scholarship. From the total pool of applicants, a limited number of recipients will be selected. Also, some South Dakota colleges may limit the number of scholarship recipients they accept, or not participate at all. All applicants will be notified following the Board's decision​.


The Dakota Corps Commitment

Each recipient promises, in writing, to enter a critical need occupation in South Dakota following completion of the program of study.  The number of years a recipient must work in a critical need occupation to fulfill the entire obligation is equal to the sum of the number of years of scholarship received, plus one year.  For example, a four-year scholarship recipient must work five years; a three-year scholarship recipient must work four years; a two-year scholarship recipient must work three years, etc.

If the recipient does not complete his/her commitment, the scholarship converts to a low interest loan which must be repaid.


Critical Need Occupations

Teaching -- K-12 Teaching -- Secondary
  Special Education   Math
  Foreign Language   Science
  Vocal or Instrumental Music   Language Arts
  English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Learners (ELL)   Career and Technical Education
Accountant / Auditor
Engineer: (all areas EXCEPT: mining, chemical, biomedical, and computer hardware)
Information Technology
Registered Nurse
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