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Services or Offerings?
Use this service if you do not meet the continuing eligibility requirement for the Dakota Corps Scholarship (DCS) and are required to convert your scholarship to a loan for repayment.

Use this service if seeking a waiver to either the Credit Hour Thresholds or Persistence Requirements.

Use this service for South Dakota school district staff to learn more about how to become a member of the FAFSA Completion Portal.

Allows an institution to begin the process to request a new program

Service used for all general inquiries, questions, and support requests regarding the South Dakota Board of Regents and the six public institutions and two special schools.

This service is utilized to submit all supporting documentation required following scholarship submission

Use this service to request data from a specific regental institution or the regental system.

Use this service if you are accepting or declining the Dakota Corps Scholarship award.

Use this service to submit Regent Scholars Rosters.

This service is utilized to request the posting of a scholarship on the Our Dakota Dreams South Dakota state-wide scholarship bulletin board.

Use this service to update existing graduation dates on SGASTDN for the prior to Clearinghouse submissions.

Use this service to request additional information on services and programs offered to school district counselors through the South Dakota Board of Regents; to register for the FAFSA Completion Portal or register to receive Dual Credit Grades electronically.