Exemption Request (South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship)

Use this service if seeking a waiver to either the Credit Hour Thresholds or Persistence Requirements.

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A missed Credit Hour Waiver would be if a student has missed one of the below credit thresholds.  A waiver pauses the scholarship until the student reaches the threshold:
Credit Thresholds
  • 30 Credits prior to 3rd Semester
  • 60 Credits prior to 5th Semester
  • 90 Credits prior to 7th Semester
A Persistence Waiver is granted when a student is not continuously enrolled due to an internship, military obligation, or medical hardship, etc. 

NOTE:  The Board of Regents does not have the authority to grant GPA exemptions. For questions, contact Kerri Richards by email at Kerri.Richards@sdbor.edu

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Is the waiver being sought for more than one semester?

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