New Program Request


As defined in BOR Policy 2:23 all new programs are required to follow the set policies, procedures, and timelines associated for approval at the Board of Regents.  The procedures are set forth in AAC Guidelines.

Each institution will have their internal processes that must first be initiated prior to requesting a new program with the Board of Regents. The BOR process will require first the institution to request or initiate a new program. This is a short explanation of the program request and is intended to notify the Board’s Executive Director and Academic Affairs staff of new programming. This first step should occur prior to full documentation completed. It is an early notification of a potential program.  After it is approved, it will then be placed on the Academic Affairs tracker.

The process allows for the institution to work with the Board of Regents prior to extensive work in the event there may be additional feedback impacting success of the program requested.

Once the initial request is approved, then the institution will complete the intent to plan and if approved, the full proposal will follow. 

You can start the process by selecting New Program Request to the right. 




New Program Request


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